Top 5 Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction to Try Today
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Top 5 Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction to Try Today

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

Top 5 Sex Positions For Erectile Dysfunction to Try Today

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I always say, “You can’t be young and horny forever, especially if you like your drink and smokes.” There’s no harm in that!

Every penis-owning individual in life has encountered issues with an unenthusiastic erection, at least once in his life. These issues become even more common as the years pass and testosterone levels begin to wane. Erectile dysfunction is a prevalent issue today that affects roughly 15% of all men. It is projected that these numbers would rise to 320 million by 2025, with 60-year-olds expected to face moderate to complete erectile dysfunction almost 4 times more than 40-year-olds. 

As per Urology Care Foundation, “Erectile dysfunction is defined as trouble getting or keeping an erection that's firm enough for sex.”

Common Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

It is normal for men of all ages to experience troubles in being able to maintain an erection. Sometimes, it may happen after a few drinks, and sometimes it may be because of stress. But erectile dysfunction that is progressive or happens frequently should be looked into.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
  1. Blood flow to the penis is limited
  2. Stress or emotional reasons
  3. Atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or diabetes.
  4. Smoking
  5. Excessive alcohol consumption
  6. Lack of exercise
  7. Drugs or medication
  8. Age
Tips for Managing Erectile Dysfunction

Based on your specific case history, lifestyle, and risk factors, the health practitioner may recommend different treatments for you. This may vary from simple lifestyle changes to medication or even surgery. 

When it comes to tips for managing erectile dysfunction, please note: The following is NOT a replacement for doctors’ advice and should only be followed after consultation with a physician.
  1. Nutritional supplements like L-arginine and pycnogenol, flavonoids, zinc, vitamin D, and DHEA have been linked to better sexual function. 
  2. In cases where erectile dysfunction may be stemming from emotional or mental issues, then counselling or therapy may be of tremendous help. 
  3. Lastly, understanding the lifestyle risk factors like smoking and drinking and limiting their consumption, increasing exercise and following a healthier diet may be the easiest sustainable ways to remedy the situation.
On that note, here are 5 of the best sex positions for erectile dysfunction:

1. Overperformer:

If both the partners are determined to make penetration happen, then this position is ideal for the job. The ‘overperformer’ pose gets its name from the fact that the male partner stays on top while the female partner lies on her back, with legs parted. What makes this position great is the numerous possibilities it opens up. The male partner can choose to wear a penis ring or hollow dildo to support their erection, and also alternate between oral and digital penetration until an erection is achieved. It’ll take hard work and perseverance, but it is totally going to be worth it.    

2. Grinder pose:

Do you like to get ‘down and dirty’? Well, then this pose is for you. This pose involves the ‘receiving’ partner to be on the lap of the ‘giving’ partner. The partner on the lap takes charge and ensures a proper grinding of genitalia – regardless of an erection. Both the partners may use their hands to caress and tease each other. Mmm! Heaven, isn’t it?  

3. Morning mood pose:

Use this position to make maximum use of the ‘morning wood’. Testosterone levels are also naturally higher in the mornings. So, the morning mood position is calling out to you as you read this. The morning mood pose is nothing but the 2 partners curled up on their sides.  Stick to this basic position and don’t risk changing too many positions. This pose is best for mornings because it obviously tackles the ‘morning breath’ problem. Plus, the penetrating partner can maintain a tight hold on their penis for a longer, harder experience.

4. Good ol' doggy pose:

I’ll tell you why the doggy pose works beautifully in this situation. The penetrating partner, in case they lose their erection, can continue with digital penetration while stroking their penis with the other hand to work up an erection. It goes without saying – sex toys really help. Buy a bunch of dildos, vibrators, and penis rings…and you will never be disappointed again.

5. Reverse grinder pose:

Lastly, it’s time for the reverse grinder pose. *cue trumpets* Well, this pose is just as sexy as the grinder pose, except that the view is even better! The reverse grinder position allows for a lot of fondling, stroking, grinding, fingering, and spanking. But for the partner on top, ideally the female, it does take a lot of arm and core strength. It can feel like you’re doing planks. So, you can’t complain that I didn’t warn you. But if you are in a mood to take it up a notch, then there is really no better pose for it. Go reverse grinder!

I will leave you with one truth: Sex is never as perfect as they show in movies (and you probably already know this). That’s because human beings are not as impeccable they misleadingly show in movies! Sex in real life is, well, REAL. It comes with its own ups and down. Sex can be awkward, underwhelming, unfulfilling, and so much more. But, at the end of the day, what matters is how much you cherish your partner and the life you have together. Good sex takes work, and that’s something they don’t tell you in movies. So, disabilities and dysfunctions can all, still end in a G-spot orgasm – provided you are ready to work for it. 

Click here to read about the 6 sex positions all people with disabilities will thoroughly enjoy. Also, since we are talking about G-spot, here are my favourite positions that work the G-spot for good, every single time!

Now, my child, you have all the weapons you need to do well in the world of sex and romance. May the force be with you!

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