Here Are The Pros And Cons Of Sexting
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Here Are The Pros And Cons Of Sexting

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

Here Are The Pros And Cons Of Sexting

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Sexting may go a long way in keeping the fire alive between couples, but before you go digital, make sure you completely know what you’re getting into.

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When it comes to sexting, the world seems to be black and white. Some people straight-out condemn it, while others highly recommend it.

The Urban Dictionary defines sexting as "The act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later; initially casual, transitioning into highly suggestive, and even sexually explicit".

An online study by Drexel University in 2015 showed that about 8 out of 10 people (82 per cent) had engaged in sexting in the previous year. 75 per cent people claimed to have sexted while in a serious relationship, while 43 per cent claimed to have also done it during casual ones. Whether ultimately good or bad, nothing can change the fact that the majority of us have, are, or will, sext at some point in our lives.

And that may not necessarily be bad. It could be like saying that a majority of us will have a steady income at some point in our lives, which, in all, or at least most cases, is a good thing. Or maybe it would only mean more teenagers being in danger of cyber crimes like stalking, blackmailing, or bullying, because of private content being misused.

So, keep in mind that sexting, like everything else, has 2 sides. Let’s examine the good and the bad of sexting.

Pros of sexting:

  1. It is a fantastic way to connect with your partner, especially if you’re involved in a long-distance relationship. It’s also a great way to rekindle romance with your flame. An unexpected dirty message or a sexy picture from your sweetheart can be a great pick-me-up, believe me!
  2. It’s better than masturbating alone. I mean sure, you could imagine things or watch porn, but having your partner say dirty things to you while you touch yourself is the next best thing to sex.
  3. It builds comfort and confidence. Sometimes, you are too shy to do certain things in bed, because you don’t know if your partner would like it. In such cases, sexting is the best way to test the waters. Who knows, maybe your partner ends up loving that one suggestion, and wants to try it the very next time you meet!
  4. Leads to better, and more communication. When you’re together, wrapped in the throes of passion, most people just focus on the deed, and get done with it. But when you’re sexting, you have no choice but to tell your partner how much you want them, and the things you wish to do to them…slowly…explicitly. *cue squirming in pleasure*
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Cons of sexting:

  1. First word – risk. In a majority of cases, sexts are often saved by the other party for later use (if you know what I mean). And while that is flattering to know, I would advise you to prepare yourself in case your photos land up on the internet, or in other people’s phones.
  2. Another word – crime. Sending sexually explicit messages, images, or videos without a person’s consent, can be counted as sexual harassment. Make sure you understand well in advance if the person would or would not appreciate your ‘junk’ mail. Get it?
  3. Third word – expectations. You know that feeling when you open an XXL packet of chips, only to find a microscopic amount inside? That may happen to you if you’re a skilled sexter, but fail to match up with the expectations of the other person in real life (i.e., are sloppy, selfish, or just plain bad in bed). Trust me, it can happen to the best. Word of advice: Deliver in real life, before you deliver that sext.
  4. Fourth word – intimidation. Calm down, Shakespeare. I know you know you’re good at it, but slow down with the essays please? Honestly, it’s difficult and unfair having to read 2500 words just to learn how you want to take off your tie. Sexting is like stenography – it needs to be short and crisp, for it to be useful.
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Now that you know what to expect when you’re sextpecting, my job is done here. Class adjourned!

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