Diwali 2018: Perfect Hacks For A Perfect Diwali Season
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Diwali 2018: Perfect Hacks For A Perfect Diwali Season

Lakshmi Devan
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Diwali 2018: Perfect Hacks For A Perfect Diwali Season

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Diwali is here! It’s the season of twinkling lights, long and starry nights, glittering people, and shimmering sweets. But it’s also the season of firecrackers and weight gain, too much alcohol and too many sweets

The festival of lights has, somehow, become the festival of crackers, and hence, that of air pollution and noise pollution, which gets especially problematic for children, the elderly, pets, and for people with respiratory issues. Along with all these come parties, one after another, where we forget all about healthy and go for everything that comes our way.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have come up with solutions for all the problems that you may encounter this Diwali season. Read on!

Problem 1: Noise Pollution
The noise from crackers, during Diwali celebrations, can be quite anxiety-inducing for animals and humans alike, especially the little ones and the elderly. To tackle noise, first, may I suggest you don’t burst crackers yourself? Secondly, keep all the doors and windows shut, play soothing music inside, and use cotton plugs, if blocking out noise becomes difficult.


Problem 2: Air Pollution
Who doesn’t love the Diwali meet-and-greets, Diwali parties, and all-night Diwali card games? However, staying indoors would be a good idea, if you want to avoid breathing in polluted air. Also, starting now, you could welcome air-purifying plants, like English ivy, peace lily, bamboo palm, and basically, all plants, starting from kitchen herbs, Feng Shui plants, and bonsai to terrariums, into your garden, to ensure fresh air for yourself on all days.
Another thing to think about - you know those endless traffic jams we keep cribbing about during Diwali? How about this time, we make a pledge? If you do need to step out to meet people or give them Diwali gifts, why not use public transport? Our metro is no less than that of any other country! Let’s make Diwali 2018 a better road experience for all of us.

Problem 3: Junk and Sweet Invasion
It isn’t unusual to find yourself surrounded by heaps of junk food during Diwali. You are gifting packaged savouries, eating snacks out of a packet, and receiving lots of additional packets, including irresistible Diwali sweets. But don’t give up on your healthy lifestyle just yet.
It is, in fact, possible to enjoy Diwali without piling on layers of fat, like a bear preparing for hibernation. I mean, sure, winter is coming (get my GoT reference here? *wink*), but you don’t need that fat to keep you warm; instead, splurge on a fur coat to congratulate yourself on the achievement of controlling your urges. If Diwali parties are your jam, try having your meal before leaving home, and keep yourself hydrated throughout the night by making sure your drinks are interspersed with a glass of water each time.
Sometimes, your body may just be dehydrated, and may confuse you by making you think you’re hungry. Even if you do eat, choose the healthier alternatives – grilled/baked over fried, salads over desserts, water over soda etc. Lock up all the extra junk food where you cannot access it easily, and when in doubt, find a fruit.

Problem 4: Alcohol Temptation
First of all, try and host non-alcohol focussed Diwali parties. Have plenty of activities or gossip to keep everyone so occupied that they don’t have to do shots to keep spirits up. Apart from the typical Diwali card games, you can try board games, murder mysteries, hidden treasures…trust me, when done well, these ideas can make you only more popular.
Make it BYOB if you have to; people drink more when someone else is paying for it. When you’re in someone else’s territory…er, I mean Diwali party, try and use those Oscar-deserving skills to convince people of how sick you are, or how you have an early morning meeting, so that no one forces you to down alcohol in big, festive gulps. Have a drink with a mixer, and then have just the mixer alone. Tell yourself water is vodka, and as long as you believe it, no one will doubt it.
Have a lot of water in between, so that you’re busy, full, and have something in your hand. The key is to not stand out, and be like a spy on a secret mission.

Problem 5: Cracking the ‘Sweets and Snacks’
Be it chips, fries, samosas, and pakodas, or barfi, rasgulla, and halwa, unhealthy snacking is a thing of yesterday. What’s ‘today’, you ask? Introducing ‘Diwali Super Snacks 2018’.
Diwali Super Snacks 2018 are classy, sophisticated, and cause you no health worries. Try a tropical yoghurt parfait, chila burrito, vegetable/paneer tikkas, or baked kababs, and ditch the fried savouries. Coming to sweets, we cannot really have Diwali without them, can we?
But what you could do is stick to a piece a day, and not give in to temptation completely. Enjoy every bit of that sweet you eat, so you feel satiated after one. After all, moderation is the answer, and trying to completely restrict your sweet intake will only lead to a binge later.
And hey, it IS festival time, after all! Oh, and home-made frozen yoghurts make for a fantastic dessert at Diwali parties. Try it! Just FYI, gorging mindlessly on sweets and the snacks while forwarding Diwali messages to your friends and family is never a good idea!


Problem 6: Safety
Most importantly, here are a few tips to stay safe this Diwali (look, you must’ve heard these a 1,000 times before, but I’m just trying to do my part, okay?):
Stay away from crowded places where people could be bursting crackers, as these areas are often accident prone.
Avoid areas with burst cracker waste, as some of these may still be active.
Keep a fire extinguisher, buckets of water or sand, or blankets ready, in case a fire breaks out.
Wear thick, well-fitted cotton clothes, especially because synthetic materials like nylon tend to catch fire quickly. And your billowing kurta won’t look as pretty if it accidentally catches the flame of a candle or a diya.
Keep windows and doors shut, as stray rockets and other crackers may come flying in.
The idea is to celebrate Diwali 100 per cent, without putting your or others’ lives in jeopardy. Wishing you a supremely happy Diwali 2018!

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