Busting 5 Myths About Introverts
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Busting 5 Myths About Introverts

Mental Wellbeing
Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

Busting 5 Myths About Introverts

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“People empty me. I have to get away to refill.” - C Bukowski

If you know me and believe that I’m a total extrovert, then you don’t know me at all. Sure, I may be the life of the party (that God knows I try with all my heart to avoid), I may know everyone everywhere (believe me, I do try avoiding them as much as I can), and I may seem like I’ve got plans every single night (even though I genuinely await flus, fevers, and all other seasonal diseases, so I don’t have to go); but the truth is, if you really ask me what I would like to do on a weekend, it would be to stay at home…alone. But I speak for all introverts when I say that contrary to popular opinion, we don’t really HATE people. You may prefer a chicken burger, but that doesn’t mean you absolutely hate a lamb burger, right?

It’s not black and white! And so, on that note, here are a few truths about introverts that you must know.

What time is it? It’s myth-busting time.  

1. We don’t have to ‘look like it’ –

True story, honestly. There is no dress, hairstyle, or language that says introvert. But that doesn’t stop people from following stereotypes and making assumptions. The truth is, neither are introverts easy to spot, nor do they show that side to everyone.

2. We are not completely averse to partying, nor do we judge you for it –

You may think we hate partying, but we DO NOT. We like partying as much as you do (almost), only that we like it better if it’s at a place we are familiar with, or with a few close friends. We prefer intimate conversations to random small talk. But that doesn’t mean we judge you. I like to identify myself as a moderate to extreme introvert, and I do have some crazy, extroverted friends, but that doesn’t stop me from calling them over and chilling.

Myths About Introverts

3. Alone and lonely have different meanings –

Scenario 1: After a seriously crappy day at work, would you like to let go, go out to a pub, have a few drinks, laugh raucously, and pass out? Aha, you’re an extrovert. Scenario 2: After a crappy day at work, would you like to go back home alone, cook a warm meal, read a book/watch TV, and sleep? You’re me. To put it simply, introverts don’t hate fellow humans; they just like themselves a lot, and that’s how they recharge their batteries – by being away from everyone, collecting their thoughts, and relaxing. Introverts like being on their own, and alone, for them, certainly doesn’t mean lonely.

Myths About Introverts

4. We may not necessarily be taciturn –

Being an introvert is not all about being quiet, mysterious, pensive, and all that (I know I’m not)! They may not catch you up with their life story the very first time you meet, but given time, they will grow fond of you (unless you’re a horrible person…then they may not), and who knows, be a total chatterbox too!

5. We are NOT boring –

We are pegged for being ‘party-poperso’, or ‘no-fun-Nancys’. Everyone thinks we go to bed at 9 pm, iron our underwear, wear only white, and basically never do anything fun. Nothing could be further from the truth. You may not see our adventurous side right away, uh, mostly because you just met us, remember? But we crave adrenalin just as much as the other guy, only not in places that are crowded, sweaty, noisy, and filled with strangers. Now…is that a lot to ask?

So the next time you see someone letting their hair down and dancing, don’t be quick to judge them as an extrovert. Look closely, and maybe you’ll find an introvert hiding underneath that alcohol-fuelled hip-hop routine.

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