Awkward Moment: How To Never Have Awkward Sex Again
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How To Never Have Awkward Sex Again

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

How To Never Have Awkward Sex Again

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We’ve all been there, and honestly, it can happen to the best of us. You could be feeling shy, uncertain, could be anything that could be coming in the way of a steaming hot round of sex. Don’t lose heart, we’ve got it.

Sex works so differently for each one of us. Some like a lot of tongue, others believe that tongues should stay in their respective mouths. I know people with a foot fetish, while others feel like they don’t want to have anybody nibbling at their toes like it’s 3 am snack-time. Some like it slow; some like it fast. You might want to cuddle afterwards, while I might not care much for your hair in my face (it’s glossy and all, but still).

I’ve always compared sex to cornflakes – we all have our own way of having it, and it can be had any time of the day! This can sound a tad complicated, but thou shalt not worry, for I have risen (from my bed, after 13 hours of incessant snoring) and I bring with myself, the answer every mortal hath wanteth – how to never, ever, ever have awkward sex again in your life!
  1. Communicate – The word is as hackneyed as it is true. I once had a friend tell me how his then SO (significant other, for those who are out of the loop) decided to surprise him, then proceeded to blindfold him and smear peanut butter all over his body. My friend is allergic to peanuts. By the time he realised it was peanut butter, it was too late – he had itchy, red sores all over, for 3 days. Get my point? Don’t hesitate to tell your partner what you like and what you don’t before you begin, especially if it’s the first time you’re getting cozy. There’s nothing more attractive than someone who knows exactly what they want.

2. Let go – I’ve always wondered how early man must’ve figured sex out. Maybe they just went with their feel-goods, you know I’m sayin’? If you’re constantly rethinking it, then stop. Go out, get some fresh air, come back when you’re sure, and attack. Sex is about letting go, and anyone who ever told you otherwise couldn’t be further from truth. Just go with your feelings. You deserve the 100 per cent kind of sex, my friend.

3. Feel sexy – You feel sexy, you look sexy, you do sexy. New lingerie, a drink or two, lighting a few candles, playing your favourite songs, a new pair of well-fitted jeans, a cup of green tea, or a quick set of push-ups. Indulge in whatever does it for you, not only on a special day, but every day if you like. A confidence boost takes you a long way, especially when you’re feeling uncertain – like it got me to put this down for you, all under 500 words.

Awkward Sex Moment

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