5 Simple Habits To Improve Your Sexual Performance
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5 Simple Habits To Improve Your Sexual Performance

Lakshmi Devan
4 min read

5 Simple Habits To Improve Your Sexual Performance

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Sexual intercourse plays a predominant role in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Sexual satisfaction increases bonding between 2 partners, builds trust, and nurtures intimacy. Without sex, the lack of sexual gratification and emotional connection, and the growing frustration can spell doom for the couple. But then again, it is almost unnatural to remain just as virile as you were in your twenties- free of stress, mortgage, or responsibilities and full of stamina.  

So, does that mean that we all just give up on sex after 40? Hell, no. 

Here’s what you can do. You can make tiny tweaks to your lifestyle that will go a long way in keeping your partner satisfied. On that note, here are 5 simple habits to boost your sexual performance:

1. Cut down on cigarettes and alcohol

I’m not your enemy! I promise you, I mean well and science will back me up. Nicotine in tobacco is a vasoconstrictor, meaning that it narrows blood vessels. Since erections are a result of crazy amounts of blood flowing into the penis, cigarettes are bad news for your sex life. Similarly, alcohol is a well-known depressant. If you’re stressed, a glass or 2 would help, but if you want to get it up, well, then alcohol isn’t your friend anymore.

2. Get creative with exercise

Why I’m asking you to be creative is because I truly understand the struggle of trying to find 30 exclusive minutes every day to exercise. I mean, if I had 30 extra minutes in a day, wouldn’t I just catch up on sleep? So, the easier trick is to get creative. The following aren’t the most original ideas, but I promise you that they’re definitely the most practical. 

    1. Take the stairs.
    2. Pace when you’re on the phone.
    3. Walk to your colleagues’ desks instead of emailing them when they’re just 5 feet away.
    4. Sneak in a walk during lunch hour.
    5. Do a full body stretch (especially the neck, spine, and legs) at your desk every 2 hours. 
    6. Choose to stand instead of sitting.
The above-mentioned tips will certainly help you increase your stamina naturally.

3. Watch what you eat

It all comes down to the same thing – how you perform in the bedroom depends on how your health is. So, you will have to make a few changes to your diet choices (that is, if you aren’t much for healthy food at the moment.) I am pro-food, okay? So, I won’t ask you to avoid a food group or type. The key is – moderation. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Make soups and salads. And of course, enjoy your favourite foods whenever you like – but remember to keep it in moderation. Lastly, listen to your doctor and dietician if they do recommend avoiding certain foods, for example, if you’re diabetic or have high cholesterol. 

4. Meditate

Stressed out? Well, who isn’t? But don’t be like everyone and not do anything about it, especially if it begins to affect your relationship. Stress, as you know, has been linked with pretty much every single lifestyle disease known. So, it’s time to bust it. You could pick up any activity that helps you release stress – yoga, golf, dog walking, running, gardening, and so on and so forth. My favourite is meditation because just 30 minutes of it gets me through the other 23 and half hours of a day, smoothly.  

5. Get enough rest

Chances are that if you are sleeping less, then you will either struggle with erectile dysfunction or female sexual response. Also, interrupted or insufficient sleep leads to mood swings, low libido – the list is long. So, here’s what you can do – put your phone away at least an hour before bed time and focus on calming yourself for sleep. 

Bonus tip: Chamomile tea does wonders for insomnia. A glass of warm milk knocks me out in minutes. So, find your ‘sleep potion’ and get your 8 hours.

I’ll leave you with a closing advice: Maintaining a relationship takes a lot of work (and you probably know that). So, it’s not going to take a lot of perseverance, courage, and patience…and some days it will feel like nothing is working and you’ve failed. But, the key is to not give up. Whatever it is that you or your partner may be going through, together you can get through it all, like you always have. March on, my friend; and do not give up on sex. *wink*

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